Enjoy observing Nature in all her many splendoured glory – the million flowers that bloom, the thousand birds that fly in the sky, the hundred animals that lurk in the forest.


Urban lifestyle and professional pressure often leaves you with little time for yourself and your loved ones. Kyari offers you a wonderful ambience to unwind – with all those you really care for.

At Kyari, you run, you race, you pull and push with each, you compete with each other amidst laughter and joy. You discover your team mates, your colleagues in a different light.  A great place for corporate team building.


Learning is also knowing how the weaver bird weaves its nest; why the ‘touch me not’ plant withers at human touch; how the deer barks when it senses danger  At Kyari, enjoy these simple lessons of life together with friends amidst laughter, mirth, happiness and joy.


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Kyari Corbett gets it's second certificate of excellence


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