For those born in Indian metro cities and have always yearned for a ‘rural experience’, Kyari offers a wonderful opportunity. You can walk to the nearby villages – observe what they do and how they do it. Like plastering a wall with mud paste later paint it in vibrant colours, tend to some vegetables in the farm nearby, learn a wee bit of weaving, or how to light an ‘anghiti’. And more.


Kyari offers specially conducted classes for students so that you can learn about rural life. You can learn to use a potters wheel to make a pot from a lump of clay or if you have the aptitude, learn how to cook a few Kumaoni delicacies. You can also learn much about plants and trees, the birds and animals and the art of living in harmony with Nature. And more.

There is so much you can do and enjoy in a rustic surrounding

You can walk up to the river Khichdi or spend the whole day with your friends
exploring Village Kyari or the surrounding forest on bicycles


Must have heard from your grandma how she would join her grandma to decorate the house before Diwali with rangoli. You can try it out today at Kyari. You can also learn many traditional arts like sewing patterns on a sheet with colourful threads, or pluck the vegetables from the garden, wash it, cut it, light an anghiti with twigs and sticks and cook a delightful meal. There is so much you can lean about tradition in Kyari. It will make your grandma smile!


If you have missed out on the fresh air, you can pick up a bicycle and go for a ride along the village roads, through the green meadows towards the mountains or halt at the village. You can pause to admire the green surrounding, the lilting and swaying grass, the vast blue expanse above, listen to the call of an unknown bird or photograph a wild flower. And more.

You can walk into the jungles and gaze at the thousand singing birds or
simply admire the green surrounding of Village Kyari

You can walk to the nearby village and enjoy an afternoon with those nice and simple
folks, join them in clay modeling, try your skill in painting or savour some delightful local cuisine

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