My early exposure to our Holy scriptures gave birth to a dream…to build a place in the distant Himalayas, the abode of saints for centuries, a small dwelling place which will provide Man a place to seek relief from the pressures of urban living and make him contemplate on his existence, admire the oneness of this creation as elaborated in Vasudeva Kutumbakam and make him an individual with greater passion for the flora, the fauna, the sky, the earth, the water, in fact all the elements that create this universe.

The Himalayas is a place with magical properties. It elevates human beings to lofty heights. I have developed the Kyari Corbett as a home for anyone and everyone, where every visitor will in a short while endear himself to this place, soak himself in the nectar of joyful existence and go back to his home, revitalised, recharged and refreshed.

I hope my visitors will find Kyari Corbett to be a two way ladder – from the mundane to the laps of Mother Nature and on the path to discover Vasudeva Kutumbakam.

Amit Joshi

Kyari Corbett Resort

Deep inside the jungles in a small Kumaoni village and 9 km away from Ramnagar barrage is a luxury retreat with wild animals and birds as company, and located amidst the green retreats, the blue sky as your roof and the Himalayan ranges in the distance.

To reach this destination, you have to drive 8 km deep into the jungle through a dense forest of tall Sal trees , pass by a quiet hamlet, sometimes witness the elephants passing by, the peacock dancing in his all feathered glory, the deer, the wild boar, the beer till a point where Khichdi, the eternal Himalayan river flows.

Kyari Corbett offers fusion dwelling –rustic huts which are air-conditioned and tastefully decorated with the most comfortable beds for a refreshing night’s sleep. Very importantly every room has all the modern amenities with sparkling clean and well equipped attached bathrooms. The food is cooked in a most hygienic kitchen and served in dining halls that have a rustic feel about them so that you enjoy a flavour that is different from the urban world.

Kyari Corbett is an effort to conserve biological and cultural diversity of the region by strengthening protected area management systems and increasing the value of a sound ecosystem, By sharing the benefits of Eco tourism developments equitably with local communities and indigenous people, By obtaining the informed consent and full participation of the locals in planning and management of Ecotourism Businesses. for hours together.

“About 125 years ago, a wandering farmer stumbled upon this piece of land. He found the view of the Himalayas to be excellent, the nearby stream and the jungle as a resource for firewood, food and water and the soil to be extremely fertile – it was just the right place to settle down. Next year, he harvested a bountiful crop. Thus he named it Kyari, a piece of fertile land for cultivation.

Soon, about a hundred families from his erstwhile village came to populate this place. Today, the Kyari is a vibrant village exists that blends the past with the present – visitors to Kyari Corbett are encouraged to tour the village, see the simple rural life style, appreciate the folk music and participate in activities like pottery, clay painting and others.

It is also a place to merge with Nature where you can hum to the tune of the gurgling streams, hear the cricket’s song, put your ears on the ear to hear the trample of the elephants or the distant roar of the tigers.You can cycle, walk, swim or play or simply soak yourself with sunshine

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