There is a place for everyone under the sun. Atleast, that’s what Mother Nature says. At Kyari, be amazed at the wild diversity of plants, animals and bees that exist in complete cohesion. It is so inspiring that we have named all over rooms after the animals and birds found here. So next time you are here, prepare to live in a room called Ghughuti (the Spotted Dove) or something else.



After all the sweat in your neighbourhood gym, you have often gone to the Oxygen bar to inhale rich Oxygen. At Kyari, we find it hilarious. Here every inch abounds in rich Oxygen because the environment remains still much pure. And, you do not have to pay for the time you breath here. Feel invigorated, get your body in top gear.

Welcome to Kyari where you can watch Nature in all her many splendoured glory.

You will be overwhelmed by the many rivers and rivulets that flow past Kyari. You can spend the day exploring them or sitting by the river bank and let the water flow between your spread out fingers.



It is said that animals freeze when they see a tiger. They become incapable of moving such is the glow in the tiger’s eyes. Not many people have been lucky to come close to seeing a tiger while on  a jungle safari. Come to Kyari and test your luck. Will you come face to face with the king of the jungle? If you do, it will give you goosebumps that you will remember for the rest of your life.



The gentle chant of the gurgling stream as it wends it way through hills and valleys singing Tennyson’s famous poem, ‘For men may come or men go, I go on forever; the hoopoe’s call, the elephants trumpets,the crickets song, at times an occasional crack of thunder,the rustling leaves and so much more – come to Kyari to enjoy it all. There is no entrance ticket for listening to this orchestra.

You will be totally lost in admiration at the vast green expanse that will embrace you.

Tall trees, wild shrubs and grass that are home to so many animals, birds and insects – admire Nature in her radiant glory



How big was the art gallery that you last visited? Surely not a 100 square miles. At Kyari, we invite you to Nature’s art gallery to view some of the most inspiring paintings, some of the most creative colour combinations. The birds, the flowers, the insects – they will amaze you. And what to talk about the brilliant blue sky, the absolute verdure earth after monsoon, the sparkling clear stream – it will inspire you to capture the beauty and take it back home. Remember to get a camera or an easel and some paint and brush if you love painting.



The baby elephant is a very friendly and playful animal. Watch him spray mud all over himself in a moment of great delight. Hear him call out to his mother, hear her trumpet call, and then rush to her and nestle between her legs. The big tusker is very playful too unless it is hurt or senses danger. At Kyari, you will learn to co-exist with Nature’s other creations. It is a tremendous experience.

Sit by the river side and feel like a poet! Or if you prefer an artist!!

You can spend days walking up to the river Khichdi or the Ram Ganga or Kosi, sit on the river banks and read a book in total peace. You can also enjoy by doing nothing.

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