Don’t miss out on the most important things in life in pursuit of targets, performance, profit and deadlines. Don’t miss out on togetherness with the family, playing with the children and sharing time with them. Or even with friends. After all, life is a journey, to be travelled along with family and friends and not just powerpoint presentations and smartphones with frequent trips to malls and pubs as small time compensation. As they say, don’t miss the forest in search of the trees.
Don’t miss the true joy of life – togetherness!


There you are out in the deep jungle when out of the vast expanse, a tiger appears suddenly before you. Will he pounce on the safari or  will he walk past to the nearest water hole. The jungle offers you thrill in many ways and forms. From being face to face with danger to the dance of birds, mock fight between cubs to a hundred colourful butterflies flitting about in the golden sun. Experience it!

Walk down the river bank of the Khichdi, the Kosi or Ram Ganga, pick up a few pebbles or feel the cold water flowing between your fingers, or just sit down doing nothing.

Kyari is so refreshing that you will want to capture it in your camera and take it home!


Fun in Kyari is different. It is not watching a cartoon movie. It could be body surfing where you float down a water canal on your back. It could be a cycle race. Or a walk to the village in the evening with lanterns to show you the way. Or many other things you have never seen, known and experienced it. Next time you are at Kyari, ensure you don’t miss out on these loads of fun.


Have you ever heard the jungle music? It’s like a philharmonic orchestra. So many instruments, so many notes, all being playing in total cohesion. The soft gurgling of the stream singing a tune – recall, Tennyson’s famous lines, “For men may come or men may go, I go on forever”. In between, the call of the hoopoe in deep baritone bass, the trumpet call of the elephants in the distant wild, the twitter, the chirping of a thousand birds, the cricket’s song in the evening – if you have missed going to an orchestra, this is your chance. Experience it!

Kyari is so refreshing that time spent there creates memories for life

Sometimes, doing nothing is so delightful. Be lazy to your heart’s content
till you get tired and want to go for an evening safari or a bonfire with everyone.


It is said that when there is a rainbow in the sky, on one side is a pot of gold and on the other is the peacock’s plume. The gold we do not promise, but plume in its full glory is a pride of Kyari. Watch the bird dance in total frenzy, or the ladybird trying to hide herself as you train the macro lens on her; the vast blue expanse that slowly transforms to gold, and the to red and gold as the sun goes down and a million stars lit the sky twinkling stars to light up the sky; the green crown of the huge sal trees swaying with the wind while a naughty little monkey trapezes from branch to branch. Kyari is beautiful. Experience it.


Animals love one act plays. They love to attract attention of their loved ones. And at times, they are so shy. Like the Nilgai, it’s a huge animal but it will retreat the moment he sees you. A few minutes later you can hear him again munching the leaves. Watch the young elephant impressing his lady love by an act of spraying mud and water; watch the birds dancing on the ground with the wings flapping to an unknown rhythm – so much happens in the jungles, from the insect to the birds to the animals. Here they live by themselves undisturbed. Experience it!

Your children can make a wonderful scrap book of a hundred flowers
that they can pluck in the jungle.

You can walk to the nearby village and enjoy an afternoon with those nice and simple
folks, join them in clay modeling, try your skill in painting or savour some delightful local cuisine

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