Who was it who said, brain-storm or brain in a storm – however at Kyari, the ambience is so inspiring that the storm rises to a cyclone or at times a tsunami. Watch how new ideas, new thoughts, new solutions come gushing in,  faster than you can express it. At Kyari,  you will always be in your true elements.


You have possibly seen many challenges in life – the percentile for admission to the college, the unreasonable target set by a merciless boss, the family pull when you are just on an important professional assignment – fed up  or raring to go? At Kyari, we offer a different mix of challenges that test your physical strength and mental skill. Try it out, you will love it.

When the going gets tough, the toughs get going

Life is not a bed of roses – its only when you cross the toughest journey in your
life that you reach the rose bed – cross the river Khichdi to reach Kyari


When there is a nip in the air and you love to wrap something warm around you, when the cricket bursts into a song, and the village folks light a bonfire and dance around it singing a pastoral song, you too would love to do it. Collect the twigs, and arrange them together, light a fire and enjoy an evening of total warmth and bonhomie.


Recall how you used to play Kho Kho at school or the Tug of War or Kabbadi – how long was it?  At Kyari, relive your childhood, embrace your colleagues and enjoy an evening of forgotten enjoyment. You will come back home, much younger and with many, many friends.

You would be amazed to see the enthusiasm, the fire in the belly of your team members if you hold your Monday morning meeting at the Khichdi river front

You could also come here to learn the importance of doing nothing


Business negotiations, corporate dealings are often akin to a game of football. You have to dribble, dribble and hold on to the ball till the right moment comes for you to send it crashing into the net. At Kyari, you can mix a real game of football along with.


In real life you need a reason to celebrate – targets set, targets met, want a raise, got a raise – and so on. At Kyari,  you do not need a reason for a celebration. The ambience is reason enough. The beautiful surrounding, the Himalayan peaks, the blue sky, the gurgling stream, the birds cry, the blue sky, the peace and quiet – it will delight you to burst into a song, a dance and to celebrate.

Flight or fight! How do you respond to a crisis

When you go around the jungle and hear the roar of the tiger at a distance, it
brings out your true character. Is there a tiger in you waiting to be unleashed.

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