When a tiger roars somewhere and when animals flee for cover, When the air is filled with trepidation, that is the time when the brave adventurer enters the jungle. Experience something you have never done before.




You have loved surfing on the net. Now, it’s time to surf on a  stream. Just let yourself go, let your worries go,and float on the waves of pleasure. It’s great fun. A must try.




Have you ever longed to walk on a village cart-road with the tiger-grass gently swaying around you and a thousand birds singing in unison, the sky a brilliant blue and the sun shining softly – then, take a deep breath and begin your trek. Feel the fresh air around you, feel it inside you. You will come back recharged, refreshed.




We call it Nature’s classroom where Nature is the teacher and learning is child’s play. You don’t need powerpoint presentations and you needn’t choke yourself with a necktie or worse still, the dread of failure. Here, you laugh to study and play to learn – games like the tug of war, rappelling, zipride and many more. You discover camaraderie and you discover each other in a way you have done never before. Here you do not laugh at each other, you laugh with each other, you race with each other, sportingly.




Discover a life that is laid back and without a care in the world. Just mount one of our bicycles and with the gentlewind in your hair, whistle your way through the rutty roads of Corbett villages.Through farms and meadows, stop where you like, gaze all around and absorb Nature’s splendour, and then carry on again. There are no red lights, no honking, no fumes and no time deadlines in this part of the world




You are so deft with your fingers on the i-pad and smart phone, but ever tried working with a lump of clay. Knead it, roll it, and give shape to your imagination. You could walk up to the village and join the rural folks in painting the mud walls of their huts in vibrant colours. Or join them in cutting the wild grass with a sickle as fodder for their cattle. Or learn to cook a Kumaoni meal. There is much you can enjoy at Kyari, alone or with your family!




Have fun with some of our exciting indoor games, here at Kyari Corbett. You can spend your lazy afternoon with some exciting games which includes Chess, Snooker. Carrom, etc.




Corbett national park is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The park, with its rich Bio geographic diversity, is home to more than 600 species of birds – about Half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent ! Every morning you can go for long walk in the jungle around the resort and enjoy watching these beautiful creatures singing songs in their full glory.

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